Filetype and compression

Fallout 4 uses the Direct Draw Surface (DDS) texture format, which is the default in DirectX rendering.

DDS compression formats available for use
Format Bit depth (bits per pixel) Channels Minimum DirectX level Notes
BC1 4bpp RGB DX9
BC3 8bpp RGB+A DX9
BC4 4bpp Greyscale DX9
BC5 8bpp RG DX9
BC7 (High quality) 8bpp RGB+A DX11 Highest quality compression but largest file size and memory footprint. Use sparingly.
None (Uncompressed) 32bpp RGB+~ DX9 Don't use this unless you have a very specific reason to.

Texture conversion

The preferred method for converting source textures to the correct DDS format is by using Elric. See the Textures section for specific instructions.

It is possible to convert by using the Intel Texture Works Plugin for Photoshop, but please note that it's very important to use the correct compression format. Elric will automatically choose